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well drilling
Well Drilling
Most all rural water for private homes comes from a well. In order to build a home you must first prove the land has a potable water source. The well is by far the most important part of the building process and in it is the first step in building your home. A home isn't much without a reliable and clean source of water supporting it. We at Vermillion strive ourselves in providing you with the best possible well available. With thousands of WELL satisfied customers around the area we want you to know that we hold our customer service to the upmost standards. When you work with us you know you are dealing with an owner and not a salesman.

Is your well not producing like it usally does? Sometimes overcrowding can lower a water table and leave you without the water you have been accustomed to. There may be an alternative to drilling a new well, try deepening it. We can reserch your well's records and location, make a site visit and let you know if this an option for you.

clean out and repair
Clean Out and Repair
Sometimes a well may either diminish in flow or become un-usable. If this happens there is sometimes the chance that it may just need a little work to get it back in operation. We offer several different ways to clean out and or repair bad wells. It may only need to be jetted or screens installed to keep unwanted sand and particulates out. If this is a problem let us go through the process with you and we may be able to save the well with a little work.

sand screens
Sand Screens
In some wells sand and/or gravel is encountered and require the well to be screened. The screen holds back the unwanted sediment and allows for the water to move freely through. this picture illustrates what the formation looks like after proper devopment of the screen.